Where do I fish?

Now that you are excited about tuna fishing. You are probably wondering where you can catch them? Check out our list of the best and most popular tuna fishing charters in New England.

How do I catch Tuna?

Rod and Reel are the most popular ways in catching Bluefin Tuna.  Harpooning is also an option that fishermen still use today.

What are Bluefin Tuna?

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is regarded as one of the most prized species in the ocean. It’s also one of the biggest, reaching average lengths of 6.5 feet, and weighing about 550lbs.

Can I eat Bluefin Tuna?

Tuna is one of the most highly prized fish used in Japanese raw fish dishes. About 80% of the caught Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas are consumed in Japan. Bluefin tuna sashimi is a particular delicacy in Japan.


Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleting. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there’s a special breed of fishermen. For generations they’ve used rod and reel to catch the elusive Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal.

Over 10 weeks, the most skilled fishermen set out in the cold waters of the North Atlantic in hopes of catching the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. When one bluefin fish can bring in as much as $20,000—they’ll do whatever it takes to catch one.